Your Boxing Gym

What to look for in a boxing gym

There are plenty of boxing gyms all around that offer essentially the same service.

I would look for a raw old school boxing gym, that still smells like a boxing gym, with facilities that are clean and healthy, coaches that have fought more rounds than you’ve jogged around the block, members that are there for the same reasons as you, to learn how to box, get fit, and meet new people all within a safe and non-threatening environment.


As a newbie to the sport, there’s a couple of essentials you’ll need to get started;


Handwraps – Learn how to put them on properly to protect your knuckles and keep your wrist stable….and to stop your gloves smelling.


Gloves – Pair of 10 oz or 12 oz. Gloves for bag/pad work and light enough to keep your shoulders from falling off (Check out our pro shop for the perfect fit).

Pair of 16oz Gloves if you want to spar (and a mouth guard).


Sweat Towel – Keep the sweat out of eyes, wipe up the mess you make and help your pad holding buddy out by stopping your sweat flicking into their face.


Drink Bottle – Stay hydrated throughout your session.


Pads –  Get your own pads. If you thought there was nothing worse than putting your cleanly wrapped hands into a stinky pair of gloves, then you’re wrong. Wrecking your own gloves because your sharing pads with your partner who has no sense of hygiene is highly disappointing.


Flat Shoes or Boxing Boots – To help establish and improve your balance early on. When you wear high heeled running shoes it changes the way you stay on the balls of your feet and can often throw you off balance-


Training Clothes – The comfiest clothes for training for both males and females are singlets that don’t rub/or stick to your body, shorts or longs that don’t chauve the insides of your legs. Double socks so you don’t get blisters on your feet. Hat/Sweatband so you don’t get hair or sweat in your face.


Quality Coaches – A good coach or instructor that can guide you through the correct technique to ensure you’re always learning, working hard, having fun and testing you mentally and physically….and sometimes emotionally 😉


Let me know where you live and I will personally find a gym like this for you!


If you live in Melbourne – FightFit is the place to be….not being biased 😉