Why should women do resistance training ?

Why should women do resistance training!

The belief that women shouldn’t lift weights is slowly dying however I still hear it every week that they don’t want to do weights because they don’t want to ‘bulk up’ or like a man. If you are serious about getting healthy, lean and fit then lifting weights should definitely be on your agenda.

Lifting weights for the average female will not make you big and bulky. There are several factors which will affect getting bulky. Firstly the average women has about one tenth of the testosterone that the average male has which is a hormone linked to muscular growth. Researchers suggest that it takes the average man a year of hard training and correct nutrition to maybe put on 6kg of lean muscle. This will be considerably harder for females.

Other factors include consistently consuming more calories than you need, sleeping 8 hours a day, eating enough protein, and avoiding alcohol. So girls don’t be scared of getting in the weight room and lifting weights. There are countless benefits to resistance training!

Lift weights to look lean, gain strength, decrease risk of osteoporosis & burn fat!

A lean muscular body will in fact look smaller than a body consisting of fat.
Compare the two images below and decide what you want your 65kg body to consist of.