Why Women Should Box

Over the past few years I’ve watched the sport I love significantly explode across Melbourne and Australia as a great way for women to get into shape.  There so many physical, emotional, psychological, and social benefits that you get from boxing training that I sincerely hope everyone tries it out at least once in their life.

Here are some of the best benefits of boxing for women;

You feel strong, powerful and confident.

Boxing releases endorphins that counteract feeling down or depressed.

Boxing gives you a greater sense of self-worth and helps you to feel good about yourself.

It’s a sport that anyone can take up regardless of fitness level, skill, or age.

Boxing helps you to reduce mental and physical stress, enabling you to better deal with all life’s challenges.

It gets you in great physical shape, reduces body fat, and develops long lean muscles.

There’s a real mental challenge of learning and constantly improving a new skill.

You end up surrounding yourself with like-minded women and develop strong relationships in a raw, real environment.

Do yourself a favour and find your nearest boxing gym and strap on some gloves!

Don’t worry gent’s next week I’ll talk about you.

If you have any questions please flick me an email.