Why do we shadow box?

Not everyone’s favourite exercise but it can be very beneficial for any boxer at any level.  You might feel awkward or self-conscious moving around punching the air and feeling like a goose but with the right focus and intent you can improve your technique, speed, accuracy, endurance, rhythm, footwork, offensive and defensive skills.


There are different ways we can shadow box and practice certain aspects of professional boxing;


Warming Up / Down

Specific punches / combinations

Body and head movements (slipping, weaving, rolling)

Defending / blocking / parrying

Foot work

Fight tactics / scenarios



When shadow boxing you don’t have to worry about any external factors (your opponent, getting punched in the face, bag, focus mitts) you can just focus on balance, footwork, accuracy and technique by feeling the whole movement of your punches


So, next time you’re shadow boxing remember you’re doing it for a reason, not just for entertainment for the trainer! Think about these few tips when shadow boxing:


Stay on the balls of your feet

Knees bent

Hips and shoulders working together

Fist on your cheek bones

Elbows pointing down and tucked in

Chin down


If you ever have any questions, please just flick me an email