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Get the most out of training by recovering - FITE Boxing Training

Get the most out of training by recovering

So you’ve just gone through a torturous 45-minute training session and feeling a little fragile. Have you got a recovery strategy in place to you can fully recover and do it ALL again tomorrow?

Have you ever focused on recovery or a know anything about recovery?

It doesn’t matter how hard you train if you can’t recover, you will not progress, or improve as fast as you should.

Between sessions our bodies need to adapt to the physiological stresses placed upon it in order to become fitter, stronger, and faster.

Without getting too technical and scientific lets look at some realistic ways to recover after a hard session to get the most out of your training regime.


Follow these easy steps to maximize recovery:


1 – Eat 1g/kg body weight of carbohydrate and 20-30 grams of protein within 30 minutes post exercise (protein shake & high GI carbohydrates)

2 – Drink 150% of fluid lost from session (weigh before/after) and drink water straight after, best with a little bit of potassium & magnesium.

3 – Stretch – Spend time stretching your whole body. PNF stretching works best, if you don’t have a partner you can use a towel or band for resistance.

4 – Sleep – We want to aim for 8 hours sleep (l don’t know who gets 8 hours sleep anymore) or a few 30 min naps where you can squeeze them in.

4 – Massage – A massage can reduce muscle stiffness and promote circulation. If you cant suck your partner into massaging you, or paying someone to do it, just use a foam roller.


Give these a try this week and see if it makes a difference to your training.

Feel free to post some of your own recovery tips/tricks I’m sure we all would love to hear them?

Have fun training this week!