5km – Fast Paced Run
10km – Medium Paced Run
6 x 400m Sprints 1:1 Work:Rest Ratio (time how long it takes to sprint 400m then rest for exactly the same time)
Post times up on FB
Conditioning Circuit
Complete 30 seconds of each exercise. Then Rest for as long as you need and repeat 6 times.
Jumping Pull Ups (Jump pull yourself up so that chin goes over bar)
Renegade Rows (Push up with DB Rows)
KB Squat Cleans (High pull KB and drop underneath and stand up)
Alternating Bar Hangs (Hang off bar with both hands then take one off at a time and repeat over and over simulating monkey bars)
Fence Jumps (find something chest height, jump and push yourself up onto straight arms)
Bicycle Sit-ups
Prone Hold
If you really get stuck with these please just call me or go on youtube and you should find a clip for most.