Why we should supplement with Magnesium

So I have been doing a little bit of reading on Magnesium as I heard that is helps with sleep.

After reading a few recent articles from Charles Poliquin I found that there are several benefits to supplementing with Magnesium.

1. Sleep better and reduce insomnia through calming your nervous system.

2. Improve brain function by stimulating electrical activity and fight depression with the release of
chemicals such as serotonin.

3. Raise testosterone levels and build lean muscle

4. Get stronger and maximize protein synthesis through maximizing enzyme function.

5. Decrease inflammation

6. Get stronger bones through activating cellular enzyme activity allowing your body to convert Vit D into its active form to help with calcium absorption

7. Improve insulin sensitivity. Low levels of magnesium will decrease your insulin sensitivity making it harder for you to loose fat.

In conclusion Magnesium can help you sleep better, be less fatigued, make your brain work better and get rid of stress. It also has a effect on loosing abdominal fat.

So it’s a no brainer to supplement with Magnesium.