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Do you suffer from Cramps? - FITE Boxing Training

Do you suffer from Cramps?

Do you suffer from cramps?

Basically a cramp is when a muscle forcibly and involuntary contracts and won’t relax.
I think we have all at one stage in our training careers experienced a cramp or stitch. This horrible pain can range from an uncomfortable twinge for a few seconds to something more serious like you’ve just been shanked from the side. This horrible feeling can sometimes last for minutes until the muscle relaxes.

Cramps are caused by:

The main reason for cramping is dehydration. When fluid and sodium levels are low. Sodium plays a role in nerve signals that make muscles contract; a deficit of sodium and fluid can cause a muscle to contract uncontrollably. This is more prominent in tired muscles or exercising at high intensity and big work loads.

Avoiding Cramps:

Allow adequate rest and recovery between sessions
Increase muscular strength and fitness.
Wear comfortable clothing and footwear
Stay well hydrated before, during and after exercises. Include electrolytes in drinks when exercising for an extended period of time.

Treating the cramp:

Stretching helps to decrease the muscle contraction and allow the muscle to relax. Massaging the area may help to alleviate pain. When cramps are severe, applying ice can stop the spasm and help to relieve pain.

Basically, stay well hydrated & condition those muscles to be fitter and stronger to prevent cramping!