Stop smelly gloves

Potentially the worst smell in the world is that of a boxing glove, wrap, or pad that’s been left to fester in a training bag for a few day’s or weeks.

It’s one of those smells that just creeps up on you and all of a sudden your hands smell like the South Melbourne markets long after you’ve taken off your gloves and returned to normal life.

We call it the sweet smell of boxing.

Tips to keep your boxing gear smelling fresh;

  1. Once you put smelly wraps into your gloves they are tainted forever
  2. Invest in a product called Grandma’s Remmedy to put into gloves to kill bacteria
  3. Buy to put into your gloves to fight the stench
  4. Never re-roll your wraps after training and put them in your bag
  5. Never stuff your wraps into your gloves and chuck them in the boot of your car
  6. Have at least 3 pairs of wraps you rotate over the week
  7. Don’t keep your gloves in a bag, let them breath in the fresh air just like a new born baby
  8. Politely decline to put on someone else’s smelly gloves or pads. Always look after yourself without hurting your un-hygienic partner’s feelings


Don’t be that person at the gym.