Common Boxing Mistakes

Here’s a couple of common mistakes I see all the time in the gym, the consequences and what you could do to improve…


Dropping the right hand when throwing a left hook

You will get hit

Practice getting your glove to touch right hand to touch your face as the hook lands


Head lifting up when throwing punches

You will get hit

Pull your chin down onto your chest and look up through eyebrows


Flat footed when punching

Won’t be able to generate power…and you will get hit

Stay on the balls of your feet so you can move and get out of the way, use your legs to rotate to create more power in your punches


Not moving your head

It will get hit

Making movements before and after your combinations to make your opponent hesitate or miss


Throwing too many punches on the bag

If the bag could punch back, you will get hit

Be realistic when punching the bag and don’t throw more than 5 punches at a time. Reset, move, change angles then attack again


Standing still after punching

You will get hit

As soon as your last punch lands make sure you move your head, block, change the angle, get out of the way, or attack again



Try to improve on these points and not get hit.