Choosing your boxing partner

There’s nothing worse than rocking up to a boxing class and getting partnered up with a boxing newbie – it can make or break your workout.

Firstly, you have to remember that everyone has to start somewhere and you were once new to boxing. The best thing you can do is to help them improve, help them build up their skills so you can have endless great pad holders in all your classes.

Or you can be strategic and suss out a boxing buddy before the class even starts.

My tips to finding that partner…

Members who …. Are:

  • are early to class and skipping before everyone else
  • can put on their own hand wraps
  • have their own gloves/pads
  • who can skip ‘like a boxer’
  • are known by the trainers and other members
  • don’t flinch when asked to shadow box
  • wears boxing boots and/or some other boxing accessories

When you meet someone who you partner well with, find out what days and time they train, if it works for you too you’ve got yourself a switched on training buddy.

If you have questions, please flick me a message