Bag Work

Focus. Pretend you’re fighting someone, keep your hands up, move around, look at the bag, pick your shots, move your head, stay alert, stay focussed, throw combos with intent. Practice these things when working the bag, don’t be lazy and just throw punches for the sake of throwing them. Always be one step ahead of your opponent (the bag in this case).  Think about what you’re doing.

Find your range. Throw the right punches at the right time! If your close to the bag throw short punches, hooks, rips, uppercuts and short over hands, maybe even a sneaky elbow.  When your far away stick with long jabs and crosses.

Control the bag.  Keep control of the bag by throwing snapping punches instead of pushing punches. Don’t push the bag around with your arms, rather punch the bag hard and fast but only a ‘glove length’ into the bag. You should hear a sharp smacking sound instead of a dull thudding noise. Finding your range is key. Think about what will happen to you when you miss your opponents head….

Hands up.  “Protect yourself at all times” When one hands punching the other should be tight against your face. Practice defending, counter punching, slipping and weaving by pretending the bag is hitting you back. You always have to be doing something, never wait for the bag. If it’s swinging move around, feint, weave, stalk the bag and then attack. But never wait….

Throw realistic combinations. Don’t practice throwing 10 punch combinations, in reality it would never work and you will go to sleep (KO’d). Stick with 1-4 punches at a time. Become and expert at the basics.

Be reactive. As soon as you’ve finished your combination, is exactly the time you will get punched in the head. Practice moving your head, slipping, weaving or moving away as soon as your last punch lands.

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