30 Minute Window for Recovery

In terms of nutrition we have a window of opportunity approximately 30 minutes after intense exercise where the body is like a sponge.

The body will optimize its ability to replenish energy stores in muscles and glycogen. In addition protein synthesis for muscle tissue recovery and repair is maximized during this period.

During this 30 minutes post workout period is when we need to feed our body’s to get optimum results and recovery. We need to eat a specific quantity and quality of foods.

Carbohydrates, we need to consume at least 50grams and preferably High Glycemic carbohydrates, as they are absorbed faster.

Protein consumed will provide amino acids building blocks for muscle synthesis & repair. We only need 20grams of protein.

We also need to replace all the fluids we lost during the training session by consuming enough water after training. Weigh yourself before & after training to calculate how much water you need to replace.

Not having a post workout recovery plan can be detrimental to your training and recovery!

This is a very simplified explanation of nutrition recovery.

If you have any questions or want ideas on recovery snacks/meals please email me ruan@fitetraining.com.au